About Us

With over twenty years of experience in the metal recycling industry, PMARR, Inc is commited to preserving the future of our environment by recycling metals that have already been mined from the earth.

As one of Philadelphia's largest metal broker-processors, PMARR, Inc has the substance and means to handle all of your metal recycling needs as we become your partner in recyclable metals management.

By recycling your spent metals, you are helping to provide a renewable resource, allowing metal manufactureres to reduce and often eliminate the need for virgin ores.
Using recyclables in the manufacturing of metals has been proven to substantially reduce energy use and decrease pollution.

Landfills are being spared the use of valuable space since metals are not wasted. Instead, they are diverted to the recycling industry.

Products & Services

We buy and sell all ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Alluminum – Auto Parts - Brass - Cans (UBC) – Carbide - Catalytic converters – Cobalt - Computer Scrap - Copper - Insulate wire - Lead - Nickel alloys - Stainless steel - Steel / iron / ferrous – Titanium just to name a few.

Our state of the art automobile de-pollution center removes all of the gasoline, diesel, oil, coolant, window washer fluid, brake fluids, Freon, and mercury switches prior to shredding the carcass.

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